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Etesia Bahia Semi-Domestic Ride-On Lawn Mower 16HP (MKHE3) – Petrol (Copy)

First electrical professional ride-on-mower with grass collection. 100% ELECTRIC!
Electric Bahia: the enjoyment of ecological mowing:

  • 0 pollutant emissions
  • Silent mowing
  • Multiplie versatility

Real multifunction vehicle, Bahia Electric and his accessories will answer all year long the set of your needs for maintenance and for arrangement. Outing of its converter, it becomes a mobile source of energy on which you can connect a long list of electric devices to thread (power < 700W).

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User’s speech: “The Bahia is small enough to go through tight openings and gates and is extremely good in tight spaces which were previously inaccessible.” Aberdour Castle

Theoretical output (m²/h) 4000 m²/h
Number of blades 1
Cutting width (cm) 80 cm
Mowing deck Steel
Mount type Suspended cutting deck
Rotation direction To the right
Blade protection Shear bolt
Type of blade clutch Electric
Cutting height (cm) 5 positions
Emptying systems
Grassbox capacity (L) 240 L
Grassbox emptying On the ground
Measurement and weight
Weight 330 kg
Height 121 cm
Width 82.5 cm
Lenght 199.5 cm
Power Electric
Starter Electric
Engine type Electric
Battery 48V AGM
Wheel transmission
Transmission type Mecanic
Forward speed (km/h) 8 km/h
Backward speed (km/h) 8 km/h
Number of driving wheels 2
Turning radius 1
Vertical drop 18 %
Acoustic pressure 86 dB(A)
Frame Mecanic welded tubular frame
Direction Mecanic
Pneumatic Front: 13×5.00-6/ Pression: 1.5 bar – Back: 16×6.5×8/ Pression : 1.5 bar
Braking Electronic
Forward transmission Electric
First 100% electric professional ride-on-mower with grass collection

– drive and blade transmission 100% electric
– performance equivalent to the petrol version


Very low noise whilst driving. Zero emissions of carbon monoxide (CO), nitrogen oxide (Nox) and carbon dioxide (CO²). Zero discharge of hydrocarbons (NC), smoke and particles (PM).

Environmental impact on the complete life cycle is greatly reduced

(Comparison between electric and gasoline)
Carbon footprint reduction of 72% per hectare, destruction of the Ozone layer -95%, air pollution -100%, climate warming -77%, energy consumption -62%


Running costs = €0,42/h against €4,29 for the gasoline, energy cost divided by 10! Reduced running costs: no belt, no filters and no engine oil.

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