Choosing a Mower


When purchasing a new mower, you need to make sure that you choose one that is suitable for your garden size, type and preferred finish. There are several things you need to consider:


(manual push)





Type of Mower?

The different types of mower to choose from are:

Hover Mowers

Easy to manoeuvre, ideal for uneven ground and slopes, can be electric or petrol (these are heavier).

Wheeled Rotary Mowers

Most commonly available type of mower and are available as electric, battery or petrol versions.

Rear Roller Rotary Mowers

Similar to wheeled rotary mowers but with a roller instead of back wheels, are usually heavier but can give a striped finish.

Cylinder Mowers

These give a finer finish and are available as hand (manual push), electric and petrol. Please note that this type of mower is only suitable for very flat lawns as any high spots in the ground may become bald because of the lower cut.

Size of Mower?

One of the most important points to consider when looking for a new mower is the size of cut required. By selecting a mower size based on the area to be cut, your machine should last longer (providing you have it regularly maintained). If you have more than one lawn to cut you should take into account the total overall area not just the size of the largest lawn.

As different manufacturers have different guides to the size of lawnmower needed for the area to be cut, it is always best to seek advice as to the best size for your needs.

As a rough guide, the size of machine needed to cut lawns is as follows:

  • Small Lawn – minimum recommended cutting widths 28 – 35cm (11 – 14 inches)
  • Medium Lawn – minimum recommended cutting widths 38 – 48cm (15 – 19 inches)
  • Large Lawn – minimum recommended cutting widths 51cm (20 inches) and over

*Please note that your definition of small, medium and large may be a lot different to ours!

Please note this is only an approximate guide to the minimum size of cut recommended – advice should always be asked before making a final decision on the size of cut needed


Different models of machine (mostly petrol models) are available with different features. Some of the extras to consider are:

Side/Rear Discharge

Collect the Grass



Self-Propelled Model

Do you want variable speed if self-propelled?

Would you like a plastic, steel or cast aluminium deck? (there is a weight difference to consider)

Do you want 4 wheels or 2 wheels and a rear roller (which give stripes)?

Do you need help starting the machine i.e. key/self start (petrol models only)?

If you would like help in finding the ideal mower then please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements or call in and speak to one of our sales staff.